Café Bola at the Araneta Center

Café Bola was started years ago by premier chef Margarita Fores of Cibo fame, located in the restaurant row of the Big Dome, Araneta Coliseum. We started coming here years ago but have not been back in a long time.

Irene and I had been reminiscing about Café Bola for a while. When an errand required us to go to Cuabo, we immediately thought of having a quick lunch there.

Entering the place brought back all the food memories we had, triggered by the familiar numbered tables and red chairs with big orange lights adorning the place. We immediately knew what we wanted even before getting a menu.

Spicy Bangus Mousse (P150). Spicy milk fish made into a pate served with pandesal rounds.A dish that is quite unique that I don’t think I’ve seen it in any other restaurant yet. The mousse spreads easily into the crispy bread, and each bite begets another until nothing is left of the appetizer.

Carambola w/ Spicy Green Curry Rice (P200). Since I could not decided whether I wanted beef, chicken or seafood meat balls, I got a combination of the three which is the Carambola. All their “bolas” can be ordered with rice or pasta. The meat balls are all flavorful enhanced by the slightly spicy green curry. I like that the sauce is not spicy enough to deter my taste buds but instead encourage me to finish all the rice.

Adobo Flakes with Kesong Puti (P180) Irene’s permanent order whenever she eats at Café Bola. Crispy shredded meat strips topped with tomato and a dollop of kesong puti (white cheese). I did not get to taste this as we were both happily polishing off own orders.

We washed our food down with Kamias shake. a fruit that is quite sour that one would never thing of drinking. Here at Café Bola it is one of their most popular drinks. Its refreshing and a perfect foil to the spicy green curry I had.

Café Bola still delivers the taste we had loved many years before. Its a shame this is the only branch left, as the Greenbelt 3 branch shuttered its doors a few years ago. It was our go to place for an after movie dinner. If you are looking for a twist on the usual Filipino fare, I suggest you give this place a try.

* I saw a branch being constructed on the walkway between Ali Mall and SM Cubao, but this is still within the Araneta Center. I really wish they opened a nearer branch.

Café Bola
Coliseum Circle, Araneta Center
Cubao, Quezon City


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