Akirazh Riviera

Akirazh Riviera - fabulously beautiful, wild, unexplored, and therefore doubly attractive beach.Akirazh Riviera - unparalleled in its savagery and secluded beaches. Great place for a romantic and spiritually vychyshchalnaga rest. Near the beach are no hotels and even surfers, kite surfing and windsurfing has attacked pristine bodies of water this town.Key experts of these places - fishermen on little boat out to sea in any weather. It is here necessary to run when you want to run away from the "ground".

Diário do Corretor - Meios de Divulgação de Imóveis para Corretores de Imóveis - #02

author: Flavio Castro Imb

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Insano Water-Slide. HD POV at Beach Park (Fortaleza, Brazil)

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